HYB-70 Resin Bearing

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HYB-70 Resin Bearing

Using a variety of high-quality plastic injection molding process, it suitable for mass production, low manufacturing cost. Self-lubricating performance can be maintenance-free oil-free, high carrying capacity, no bite shaft phenomenon, good corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction compared to metal-based bearings, light weight, low production costs, high production efficiency. Widely used in motor vehicles industry, fax machines, copiers, food machinery, fitness machinery, chemical industry, etc.

Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Max. static load N/mm² 180 Max. dynamic load N/mm² 100
Max. Speed(Dry) m/s 1 Max. Speed(Lubrication) m/s >1
Max. PV(Dry) Short-term N/mm² · m/s 1 Max. PV(Dry) Continuos N/mm² · m/s 0.8
Temperature ℃ -40~+80 Friction Coefficient 0.05~0.20
Thermal Conductivity W(m·k)-1 0.2 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-1k-5

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