HYB-100 Ball Retainers

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HYB-100 Ball Retainers

HYB-100 Ball retainers are kept solid, respectively, made of copper alloy, hard aluminum alloy, POM resin as the matrix, and processed on the outer circular surface, A suitably sized, specially shaped hole with a rolling bearing steel ball embedded in its cavity. The latest grooved circumferential locking ball process can be used to effectively solve the problem that the traditional locking ball and the indented locking ball can not completely prevent the steel ball from falling off.

Technical Parameters Matching parts
Technical Parameters
Max. Load P N/mm² 30
Matching clearance mm 0.8~1.2
Max. Speed V m/s 6
Friction coefficient μ 0.01~0.08
Deviation of the diameter of the steel ball   20~40

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