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Bearing in the real category

Bearings have many types, and self-lubricating bearings are new products of our bearings. I believe that our self-lubricating bearings will develop better in the market in the future! Self-lubricating bearing suppliers explain the different types of bearings.

Do you know what kind of bearings are there? Bearings are indispensable parts of our machinery, which can make our machinery run more smoothly. I believe that the future development of bearings will be better! Four-point contact ball bearing: A single bearing can replace the front or back combination of angular contact ball bearings. It is suitable for composite loads with a large axial load or large axial load. Self-aligning ball bearings: self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of steel balls, two races on the inner ring, and inner races are inner spherical, with self-aligning performance. The coaxiality error due to the winding of the shaft and the deformation of the housing can be automatically compensated. There are many types of bearings, and we must carefully distinguish when buying bearings. Of course, we must pay attention to maintenance when using bearings!

When buying bearings, we need to know more about the bearings. The functions of different bearings are different. Therefore, we should choose the right products according to our own needs when purchasing.

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