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Wide range of bearings used

Oilless self-lubricating bearings means no oil supply means no oiling or less oiling. The goal of our research is to ensure that the bearing can perform well under such conditions and prolong its service life as much as possible. Its working principle is that in the initial operation stage, the solid lubricant on the bearing surface forms a transfer film due to mutual friction and covers the pair of grinding parts, finally forming a solid lubricating film for self-lubrication purposes, which blocks the workpiece. The direct contact between the two provides a good protection for the life of the bearing and the workpiece.

Therefore, this kind of bearing is used in many kinds in our daily life. It needs extra oil supply device in special environment, which can reduce the running cost of the bearing, reduce the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, and make the maintenance of the machine more convenient. Therefore, it is currently used in many fields such as light industrial machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery, etc., and it is perfect in our lives.

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