Sample of Haoyu Bearing

The bearing sleeve produced by the company is complete in variety and reasonable in price, and the company attaches great importance to credit, abides by contracts, guarantees product quality, and wins the trust of customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics.

HYB-10 Series Non-oil Bearing

HYB-10 material takes high quality low carbon steel as its base plate, sintered spherical porous copper powder layer in the middle, and wear-resistant lubricating material mainly PTFE as its bearing working layer on the surface.

HYB-20 Series Marginal-Lubrication Bearing

HYB-20 material is a three-layer composite self-lubricating material with tetrafluoro-modified polyformaldehyde plastic as its surface layer. It is a kind of benign boundary lubricating material. Therefore, it is especially suitable for high-load and low-speed rotating motion, rocking motion and often opening and closing under load, so it is not easy to form hydrodynamic lubricating bearings...

HYB-40 Series Bronze Self-lubricating Bearing

HYB-40 series bronze self-lubricating bearings adopt special formulation of high-density copper alloy strip as the matrix, and the surface can be rolled rhombic or hemispherical oil holes and oil grooves according to user's requirements. It has the advantages of high density, high bearing capacity, good wear resistance and long service life.

HYB-50 Series Solid-lubricant-Embedded Bushes

With wear-resistant metal material as the matrix, friction coefficient is reduced by adding various lubricating materials, and self-lubrication is realized. This material structure combines the advantages of high load of metal, good impact resistance and low friction coefficient of non-metal, and can be used in different working conditions.

HYB-80 Series Bi-metal Self-lubricating Bearing

HYB-80 series bi-metal self-lubricating bearings are based on high quality low carbon steel, and the surface of sintered copper alloys with low friction characteristics is used as wear-resistant layer of bearings. The surface of copper alloys can be processed into various types of oil grooves, oil holes, oil holes, etc.

HYB-100 Series Ball Retainers

HYB-100 series ball retainers are based on copper alloy, hard aluminium alloy and POM resin respectively. On their outer surface, holes with proper arrangement, size and special shape are machined. Rolling bearing steel balls are inserted into the holes.


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